Suan Dusit Rajabhat University was initially established as the “Home Science Secondary School”.The university has been developed based on our existing academic strengths, while always keeping pace with ever-changing circumstances under the philosophy “Being a university capable of boosting survivability”. The university operates in compliance with its mission, which is, to produce high quality graduates highly embraced and sought after by the society. Our graduates also possess outstanding personality exclusively developed by Suan Dusit culture. Additionally, we aim at building, developing and disseminating Body of Knowledge as well as innovation to improve our graduates’ competencies in parallel with strengthening communities, society and the country at large. This has been conducted in the form of providing academic services and maintaining arts and culture, while supporting balanced and sustainable environmental management, and promoting the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy. Our mission also includes creating and developing strengths of the teaching profession by adhering to the principles of management under an early adaptation approach, enabling us to cope with changing contexts while gaining competitive advantages at the ASEAN level. All in all, this will lead us to accomplish our vision of being a specialized university in distinctive identities comprising Food, Childhood Education, Service Industry, and, Nursing and Wellbeing under the administration and management for academic excellence.  

     In the near future, our university development will make great strides by changing the status from a governmental unit to a university under the supervision of the government. The university will continue to develop academic competence based on individual proficiency and will relentlessly move forward to deliver sought-after quality graduates, who are highly accepted in the ASEAN region and equipped with sustainable competitiveness. 

Asst.Prof.Dr.Pitauk Chancharoen

President of Suan Dusit Rajabhat University