SDU is the abbreviation of Suan Dusit Rajabhat University.

     In 2004, all Rajabhat Institutes were promoted to Rajabhat Universities throughout the country. The Suan Dusit Graphic Site Project was tasked with designing a new logo for Suan Dusit University. The new logo was to be distinguished while being easily understandable and recognizable as well as able to convey the desired image of the university. Furthermore, the new logo was to be implemented as another channel of communication in addition to the Royal Seal used by all Rajabhat Universities.

     The newly created logo features letter marks to signify integrity, flexibility and excellence in management under the teamwork concept. These letter marks are derived from the initials of the university names in both Thai and English: (Mahawitthayalai Suan Dusit) and Suan Dusit University respectively.

     The letter marks create the university identity and differentiate the institute from other Rajabhat Universities in an effective manner. Such distinctive identity is influenced by the royal cyphers once appeared as symbols in Royal Seals and Royal Titles used in the royal court since the country’s westernization in 1907 onwards.