Faculty of Education


The Faculty of Education has a long history from the Phra Nakhon School of Education which offers training courses for teachers since 1938. The faculty has served the society and provide educational services according to the mission of the higher education institution to develop the local community and urban society.

The current course

In 2005, the faculty launched new courses for Bachelor of Education (5-year program) in 2 programs: Early Childhood Education Programs and Special Education Programs. Then it developed the Elementary Education Program (5 years) in 2011. Lately, the faculty of education improve the new curriculum and courses in 2019. Both curricula; early childhood education and elementary education, have been adjusted from 5 years down to 4 years. The development of the program included the development of the area of specialization such as the new domain of learning, essential skill for teachers, and English for teaching and communication to keep up with the current global situation.

Course Highlights 

The Early Childhood Program (4 years) B.C. 2562 (2019) provides education with major subjects (Early Childhood education) and minor subjects (English language). This course has been improved from the Early Childhood Education (5 years program) B.C. 2560 (2017). The Elementary Education Program (4 years) B.C. 2562 (2019) provides education with major subjects (Elementary Education) and minor subjects (Mathematics, General Science, English, Social Studies, and Thai Language). The curricula focus on student’s needs along with the concept of work-based learning and the integration of learning technology. These courses highlight the characteristics of teachers, language skills, and technology which are the unique identities of Suan Dusit University. The university emphasizes a matter of knowledge, the ability to link the classroom activities into the practices in the Early Childhood and Elementary settings. The cooperation with Laor-Utis Demonstrations School and our school network offer students the opportunities to practice the essential experience in preparation for their future careers.

Career opportunities

  • A preschool or elementary teacher/ educator; in educational institutions in both public or private sectors or the international or educational institutions.
  • An academic scholar.
  • Self-employed professionals

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