School of Tourism and Hospitality Management


We are determined to build a society of wisdom and holistic learning in four ways: commitment and goals, creativity, participation and sharing, and achievement-oriented to encourage social transformation and lead to three growth factors: sustainable growth, inclusive growth, and balanced growth.

Our Vision

“THM: Tourism and Hospitality Educational Excellence for the Social Differences”

Our Mission (2021-2025)

We aim to establish an intellectual society to encourage lifelong learners with great potential and produce globally competitive graduates who able to compete internationally amid the changing world. We believe that the unity of our dedicated members would bring continual and sustainable development to society and Thailand.

Our Purpose

We aim towards sustainability in 4 areas: 1) Economic; Self-reliant 2) Society; to produce proficient personnel and graduates on both an academic and professional basis and lifelong learners with high potential. Building partnerships with allies for social transformation 3) Culture; to build Suan Dusit spirit and culture, preserving and maintaining the quality and Thainess 4) Environment; to build Green THM.

Our Purpose

School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Suan Dusit University

Building 32, Room 236
295 Nakornratchasima Road Dusit Bangkok 10300
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